Name: Jessica
Age: 22
Location: California
Interests: Indie music (well lots of music in general so expect lots of music related posts, especially British music), television shows (like Doctor Who, Sherlock, IT Crowd etc...), among other things

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22 year old living in Southern California

I love music, books, and many things in between.

Always taking selfies because why not?

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Essie of Golden Kaleidoscope

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A Girl Like You - The Black Keys

Cover of Edwyn Collins “A Girl Like You”, performed as a web exclusive for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Watch the video here.

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Finally tumblr is letting me post these! Extras from a custom photoset I did today. :)

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Balcon du soir. by Zed The Dragon


Balcon du soir. by Zed The Dragon

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Another Sunday where I just try on a whole bunch of clothes. 

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  • Person: I think Spanglish is gross.
  • Me: A pos bye.

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You’ll call Ben Haggerty “Macklemore” and Stefani Germanotta “Lady Gaga”, but you won’t call Chelsea Manning “Chelsea Manning”, because that’s just too weird I guess.

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Anonymous asked: Who's the guy?

There are various ways I can answer this. Or I can decide to just keep that totally private. I won’t keep it to all totally private, but all I am going to say on the matter for now is that his name is Alex. 

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So a little life update because I sometimes get this question in my asks quite periodically from people.

"Are you single" 

No I am not single anymore! Like yeah you read that right! I no longer need to post those “Forever alone” posts. I won’t go into much detail right now because that requires too much typing. But I am extremely happy to have found someone to share future experiences with, someone who actually makes me feel important and can certainly make me laugh and just happy. I will say that it is a long-distance relationship but we will/and are making it work. 

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